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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Aerial Combat Video

Just got this from a friend of mine, and it reminded me of some nights in
Nam. We had to call in if working the bunker line at night, before we could shoot, which usually put whoever you were going to shoot, completely out of sight by that time. It also meant they had time to set their mines or whatever, and were down a tunnel and gone, all safe and sound. These "Police actions" are a waste of time, money, and most important, American lives.
When Politicians run wars, you lose. America still has the finest ARMY in
the world, but we are soldiers, not Policemen. Wait 10 minutes to eliminate the enemy you already have in your sights? Stupid.

Aerial Combat, USMC81 Footage from Afghanistan!

When you listen to the Apache pilot it seems incredible to any sane
individual that it takes 10 minutes to get authorization to fire on the
Taliban to ensure no "collateral damage." This is precisely why we haven't actually "fought" or won a war since WWII and we never will again until we abandon this insanity in its entirety. We're needlessly sacrificing our own fine soldiers with these moronic rules of engagement in the name of not angering the so-called Arab street. These cretins wouldn't know a toilet if they fell in one, wipe their ass with their bare hands and think eating pork is "unclean." For this we are dying? Give me a break ! There is a reason God let us be first to obtain nukes. Now we know why!

Our own troops are under imminent attack while this is going on and the
Taliban have no problems with using civilians as cover when the need arises, and will use them as fodder to avoid incoming fire. But if the allied
troops hurt even one Afghani civilian it's splashed all over the newspapers
and on the news for days. No wonder people say we can't win the war there.

Aerial Combat Footage from Afghanistan!

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