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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Doesn’t Like a Joke

I'd like to make a complaint about a joke you made on this weeks paper. The one called "unemployment benifits". I strongly belive that this joke is racist.This is highly offensive considering that many Hispanics read your so called family news paper. Why are we teaching our later generations that this is supposed to be funny. You are brandishing racism.This temerity is absolutley unacceptable. I hope you realize that I am a teenager that strictly disaproves,and i can assure you that i am not the only one that belives this. I hope that you supress these jokes indefinitly.

elizabeth vera
San Diego County

Editor’s Note: The joke Ms. Vera references had to do with Congress making unemployment benefits more difficult to claim by printing the applications in English.

We print Ms. Vera’s email exactly as she wrote it. No spelling or punctuation errors corrected. We appreciate her making our point.

Wants Her Side Told . . .

Dear Editor:

I am sorry that you did not take the time to get my side of the story ... the things I "allege," as you write, are very much factual. I would never have spoken such, if they were not. It seems that your story has been written to minimize what Bobby Daniels did and said and that is disappointing and unfair (to me and others).

If you would like my side of the story - complete with hard copy proof, I would be glad to give it to you.

Thank you,
/s/Lisa Prazeau
Escondido, CA.

Editor’s Note: The Paper spoke with Ms. Prazeau on Monday, January 10th. At that time she said she would be happy to supply us with a written account of her version of the events, including email exchanges between her and “Billy Dingleberry.” (This was an ‘anonymous’ tipster to the media as to a citation issued for DUI to former city council candidate, Richard Barron; the tipster was later identified as Escondido attorney, Bobby Daniels, son of former City Councilmember, Dick Daniels. Bobby Daniels has since publicly apologized as well as privately and personally to Ms. Prazeau).

The Paper, as of press time, has not received any documentation or further discussion from Ms. Prazeau.

She was offered the opportunity to have us review the information. For whatever reason, she chose not to proceed.

Which is probably just as well.

It is an example of poor judgment having been exercised by Bobby Daniels, but also an example of him manning up to his error in judgment.

We think Richard Barron is a brilliant man, and a good candidate for city council, (though we disagree on several issues with him politically). We think he was harmed in this incident and it should not have happened.

All parties seem to agree. But it’s over. Perhaps that’s why Ms. Prazeau opted to not proceed. If so, we submit that was good judgment on her part.

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