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Thursday, January 13, 2011


Jumping around North County we find bits and pieces of information here, there and everywhere:

• For those who have questions about Alzheimer’s, there’s a rather interesting seminar coming up on Tuesday, January 18th, at Silvergate Retirmement Residence, 1550 Security Place, San Marcos.

Both Evelyn and I have had Alzheimer’s affect our mothers and we know what a severe emotional impact it has for both patient and caregiver(s) alike. Among other things, important information that will be covered by this seminar is when and how to make the decision about moving a loved one into any type of long-term care, whether an assisted living, skilled nursing facility, or dementia care unit. It can be a complicated and overwhelming one. It is natural to have questions arise: When is the right time, how do I get the support needed to make such a decision?

If you are concerned about this issue of Alzheimer’s, this just might be a seminar worth attending.


All of us are still reeling over the events in Tucson last Saturday. We don’t normally comment on issues that happen outside our immedicae North County communities but there are several questions that have been troubling me about the shooting in Tucson.

It's so obvious I'm surprised no one has picked up on it already. Perhaps law enforcement and military types already have . . . and are just not talking about it.

There are a number of cases where trained law enforcement officers fire six rounds at a suspect at fairly close quarters.

And miss.

High crisis situations cause normal reactions to be off center.

It's a well known and fairly common occurrence. That's why law enforcement and military train to overcome it by firing at targets in high pressure situations, even if the high pressure is sometimes artificially created.

Yet this young man in Tucson emptied a 30 cartridge magazine and wounded 19 persons, six of them fatally.

I'd be curious to know where the shots hit . . . head shots? Center mass? Random hits?

I don't understand how this kid who would be all hyped up with loads of adrenaline flowing, was able to be so accurate as to kill six people and wound another 13. Admittedly, his first shot was to the head of the Congresswoman . . . but where did the other shots hit?

Was he self trained? He sure was accurate. Even more so, apparently, than trained law enforcement and/or military personnel. Particularly in the high tension situation he placed himself in.

I wonder if anyone is investigating this and whether any answers have, or will, come of it.


On the same issue, but different page: Because Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have been lightning rods during the recent election campaigns, I could better understand if some nut job had tried to assassinate them. But Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords? By all accounts she was a political moderate; not likely to draw the attention of assassins. She had been a Republican, became a Democrat, but even her Republican opponents commented on her willingness to work together on bipartisan issues and to try to bridge any differences. She was a nice person . . . everyone seems to agree on that. It’s a shame to see such a woman badly injured. Even if she survives, it’s questionable as to how much mental and physical capacity she will retain.

A lousy, lousy story. If the alleged assassin is found guilty, I’m hoping he will be executed as quickly as Timothy McVeigh was. There are some people who simply do not deserve to live. The assassin, if found guilty, is one of them.

Our hope is that the Congresswoman recovers and is able to complete her term successfully.

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