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Thursday, December 23, 2010

OTL = Over the Line

Every year the OMBAC (Old Mission Beach Athletic Club) sponsors the OTL
(Over The Line) Tournament. It's a quasi softball game featuring a softball, a
bat and, I think, three players per side. It's a fund raiser for the club but is also a San Diego institution.

Some of what makes the tournament so popular is that (a) it's free, (b)
they provide buses to Fiesta Island, where (c) lots of babes and fun
loving people congregate to watch the games. The big thing that makes
it popular, however, is the team name roster. 90% of the teams names
you can't say on radio or television . . . usually, the winning team has
a more traditional name but many teams are a bit . . . well, risque.
Take note of the following:

Favorite men's OTL team name

La Jolla Institute for Hooter Research
Screwin' your sister in your mom's bed
The best two seconds of her life
Tell your mom she still owes me money
Favorite women's OTL team name :
Drop down and give me plenty
The hooker, the quaker and the orgasm faker
You can't have your cake and eat me too
Our dildos think we're smart
Looking for dick
The winners from 1998, as to best team name contest were:
Favorite men's OTL team name
The well Hungarians
Talking to Ralph on the porcelain telephone
We're not losers we only bowl twice a week
We don't suck we're stoned
Get your wife out of my yard and I'll get my yard out of your wife
Favorite women's OTL team name:
Purple hooters
Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder
Our breasts are too small to sag
My name is Karen I'm a bitch and these are my two friends
Hey Jack we've got the box for you

There is a certain irreverence needed to truly understand and enjoy the
OTL. In addition to the team names there is also the Miss Emerson
Contest (Hey, Miss Emerson nice tits!)

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