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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Divine Intervention

"Cracked" is an online humor site. They're the remnants of the old Cracked magazine which was a cheap imitation of Mad magazine. Since they dropped the print edition and went strictly electronic, the people who write for the Internet Cracked are about fifteen times funnier than either magazine ever was.

Also, it's largely "reader-written". They pay money for articles they use. I've even though about writing for them myself. But what you have there now is a small group of "core" writers and a vast number of one or two article writers. That means you only get the best from a ton of different writers. Their humor is edgy and somewhat targeted for the young crowd, but very frequently some unknown will come up with a great general interest article written in a humorous fashion that will captivate readers of any age.

Which, of course, brings us to the concept of divine intervention.

You may believe in divine intervention or you may not. Doesn't really matter. This article will fascinate you either way. And it's funny, too.

Kent Ballard

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