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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Border Problems/Illegal Immigration/Dope Smuggling

Lyle's response: Actually, my view, a somewhat radical one, is that we should call in Marine and Army snipers and station them and a spotter about every mile along the border. Instructions: Shoot to kill anyone who climbs over that fence . . . or, absent a fence, shoot to kill the 'coyote' (leader of the smugglers, whether it be of people or narcotics).

One or two targets that were terminated with extreme prejudice would cause the word to filter very quickly back to Mexico.

I predict you'd see a dramatic drop in illegal border crossings.

Case in point: During the Kosovo crisis a French military unit had manned a road blockade. A car full of people approached. They were ordered to stop. They didn't. The French opened fire. All in the car died.

A great hue and cry erupted. And lasted for about three days.

But what was rather amazing . . . . no one ever tried to run that French blockade ever again. The message had been sent, received, and understood.

Same with the US/Mexican border. Someone has to take the initiative and lay down some very hard rules . . . and enforce them. With
extreme prejudice.

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