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Monday, December 21, 2009

Letters to the President . . .


** Dear Mr. President: How much money does the president make? Could you please write and tell me because if it isn't enough money then I will become a dentist. Timothy U., age 7,Jamestown, NY

** Do you have any friends in Congress? My mom says your only friend is the vice-president. Richard D., age 8, Greenwich, CT

** Someday I hope there will be a woman president. But not my sister. She will drive everybody crazy----the Democrats and Republicans. A citizen, Lawrence K., age 8, Atlanta, GA

** What is your favorite book? My mom said it is the Bible because you have to pray a lot.Kimberly W., age 8, Meriden, CT

** Dear Mr. President: Can you help with the weather in Seattle? It rains too much. My mom said not even the president can do anything about the weather. I hope she is wrong. We need more sunshine in Seattle. Elizabeth P., age 8, Seattle, WA

** What does Congress do all day? My dad told me that Congress doesn't do anything but make trouble. Ralph N., Palm Beach, FL

** Do you go to church on Sunday? I hope so because my mother says our country needs all the help we can get from God. Melissa, age 9, La Fayette, IN

** I hope I can be president someday but my mother says first I should get a real job and work. Jerome F., age 7, New York, NY

** I think you won the election because you were a better speaker even if a lot of people didn't know what you were talking about. Tracey O., age 10, Green Valley, AZ

** My girlfriend Betsy and I would like to get married in the White House when we get married someday. We will be married in 20 years. Peter N., age 7, Bismarck, ND

** Dear Mr. President: What size shoes do you wear? My grandfather died last month and he left a lot of shoes and my brother and I would like to send you and the vice-president a pair of shoes. Do you like brown shoes or black shoes? We will shine the shoes before we send them to you. Joey P., age 8, Erie, PA

** I knew you would win the election when my best friend Amy said you would lose. Amy is always wrong. Julie P., age 9, Exeter, RI

** On TV you didn't answer some questions because you said the answer was classified. Can I classify my answers? I got into trouble when I admitted I broke something I shouldn't have touched. If I could say the answer if classified, I wouldn't be in trouble. Martin J., age 9, Philadelphia, PA

** Dear Mr. President: My girlfriend Alyssa is a Republican and I am a Democrat. Someday we may get married. Can a Democrat marry a Republican and be happy? I am 12 and my girlfriend is 11. We would like your answer before we are 18. Thank you, Ryan C., age 12, Philadelphia, PA

** I've been practicing piano for two years and I hate it and I am awful. My mom said President Nixon played piano. I think two years of being a bad player is enough. Please write my mom and tell her. She likes you most of the time. Melissa E., age 10, Shaker Heights, OH

** And finally a young man who is wise beyond his years.....Someday if we have a woman president we will need more closets in the White House so the president will have room for all her clothes. My mom has three closets and my sister has two closets and my dad and my brother and I have to share closets. Michael P., age 8, San Diego,Ca

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