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Monday, December 28, 2009

Betcha he didn't tip either . . .

Memphis man stiffs cab driver $3,000 after ride from Miami

Lucilo Perez

Lucilo Perez

A Memphis man is to appear in court next month to face charges that he stiffed a Florida cab driver of $3,000 after a 1,600-mile cab ride from Miami.

Lucilo Perez, 52, was charged with theft of services over $1,000. Bond was set at $7,500.

He is to return to court with an attorney on Jan. 5.

Memphis police were called to 147 Stonewall last Thursday by a cab driver for the Flamingo Taxi Co. who said he had driven Perez all the way from Florida, only to learn his fare couldn't come up with the cash.

Perez had told company officials that his wife would pay the $3,000 fare when he arrived on Stonewall, according to the charges. But, when they got here, he told the driver that his wife didn't have the money.

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