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Sunday, January 2, 2011

The cockpit of the Enola Gay

You can manipulate the camera up, down and around, pretty cool. gotta love the "horn" button.

Check this out. This gives you an HD 360 Degree view from the cockpit of the Enola gay; the plane that dropped the 1st Atomic bomb on Hiroshima. This plane was built at the Martin Bomber manufacturing plant in Omaha in Building D. (now Offutt AFB)

I have a personal interest in this presentation because my dad worked on building the Enola Gay at the Omaha plant. Growing up as a farmer, and hating it, he moved from Windom, Minnesota, where I was born, to Omaha because he could find work other than farming, and that was at the Martin Bomber Plant.

Before he passed away, dad would tell the story about how a new employee was hired to work on the plane and, as a rookie, he got up into the fuselage, grabbed a tube with what he thought was a microphone at the end and 'played pilot.' "Pilot to bombardier, pilot to bomardier, we are on target."

The rest of the work crew shook their heads and had a good laugh.

The rookie was 'playing pilot' by talking into the relief tube. (The tube the aircrew used for urination while airborne).

Be sure and drag the pointer (cursor) in all directions.

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