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Monday, January 10, 2011

The Assasin

Something has been troubling me about the shooting in Tucson.

It's so obvious I'm surprised no one has picked up on it already. Perhaps law enforcement and military types already have . . . and are just not talking about it.

There are a number of cases where trained law enforcement officers fire six rounds at a suspect at fairly close quarters. And miss. High crisis situations cause normal reactions to be off center.
It's a well known and fairly common occurrence. That's why law enforcement and military train to overcome it by firing at targets in high pressure situations, even if the high pressure is artificially created.

Yet this young man in Tucson emptied a 30 cartridge magazine and wounded 19 persons, six of them fatally.

I'd be curious to know where the shots hit . . . head shots? Center mass? Random hits?

I don't understand how this kid who would be all hyped up with loads of adrenaline flowing, was able to be so accurate as to kill six people and wound another 13. Admittedly, his first shot was to the head of the Congresswoman . . . but where did the other shots hit?

Was he self trained? He sure was accurate. Even more so, apparently, than trained law enforcement and/or military personnel. Particularly in the high tension situation he placed himself in.

I wonder if anyone is investigating this and whether any answers have, or will, come of it.

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