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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Who's Gonna Pay the bill?

Charles had suffered a heart attack and had life saving open heart surgery. He was recovering in the care of nuns in a Catholic Hospital. One of the nuns was asking him questions regarding how he intended to pay for his treatment.

She asked him if he had any health insurance. His answer was "No".

The nun asked if he had any money in the bank. "I have no money in the bank" he replied.

The nun then asked him "do you have a relative who could help you?". He said "My only relative is a spinster sister and she's a nun just like you".

Taken aback by this reply, the nun became agitated and announced in a loud voice so all could hear, "Nuns are not spinsters, Nuns are married to God!"

Charles calmly replied, "In that case, just send the bill to my brother in law!".

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