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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Whimsical Thoughts on a Rainy Day

Whimsical Thoughts:

1. Why don't restaurants give you spoons with your silverware? You have to ask for them, unless you've ordered soup. Why is that? A cost cutting measure? It saves on dishwashing costs?

2. Restaurants who routinely give me 'whipped spread' instead of real butter automatically go on my 'do not patronize' list. If they are that cheap to not provide real butter then they are cutting corners on what I'm there to buy: quality food. Not some ersatz "whipped spread." A chef/restaurateur who allows 'whipped spread' to be serve ought to be ashamed of himself.

3. We spend way too much time on freeways and miss the beautiful small towns and villages across our nation. Good people, great stories, lots of local history that is often fascinating.

4. Same thing with airplanes. The long lines, security, cramped quarters, lousy pretzels and peanuts, greedy money changers who want your last nickle to carry your bags . . . it's no fun to fly anymore. Plus . . . you don't see anything but clouds. And from five miles up . . . the ground isn't all that interesting. Besides, after you've looked at the ocean for more than five minutes it, too, becomes more than boring.

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