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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Puppy Mills

What a great story (from Julie Anson - see below):

I absolutely despise Puppy Mills! We've done several stories on them and are about due to do another. We kick ass and take names and raise all kinds of hell with them.

I noticed on the news last night that the West Hollywood, CA. city council passed a law prohibiting the sale of puppies from stores within their city limits. Great idea! That's where the Puppy Mills market their poor animals. Put those stores out of business and you cut down the demand for Puppy Mills.

Much better to support Animal Rescue organizations. Sometimes you'll get refugees from Puppy Mills . . . but at least it has not helped create or maintain the market.

We donate three 1/4 pages in The Paper to various animal shelters every week. We try to help.

Got a similar story from Joyce Svevad Harden.

Animals are amazing friends!

-from Julie Williams Anson
As you may know, Missouri (and Pennsylvania) are the "puppy"mills of the country. We have a good humane society here in Columbia, and one of the tv stations features a "pet of the night" each evening, be it a cat or a dog. They hold the animal, showing off its good points--they hold it for a good 30 seconds. They do a good business, too. I got a Shih Izu (SP) about ten years ago--vet estimated she was 18 months old and had already had two litters. The sheriff's deputies had picked her up: it was raining (fall) and she was soaked and dirty. I got to the humane society before they had even had time to clean her off. We've been inseparable ever since. Ever since, I've been a regular contributor, fact, that's the only I regularly contribute to.

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