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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Internet Neutrality

“I was heartened to see that an American politician had researched the subject matter and presented a knowledgeable argument regarding a particular matter. I applaud your stand on net neutrality because you (and apparently your staff) have obviously done a lot of work in determining the facts and have presented a reasonable solution to the issue.

I have not seen much of this type of effort in Congress this year, and I do not understand why most Representatives and Senators seem to be locked in trivial, mind-numbing debates about which party is going to set "policy" or who is going to stand in front of a microphone and blather the longest.

I do not always agree with what you have to say on other matters, but thank you, Mr. Franken for accomplishing actual work or the rest of us in the U.S. Senate. It regrettable that some of your fellow Senators do not get off the dime and follow your example.”

Pat Mullen


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