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Saturday, December 11, 2010

How to make an enemy of Lyle

If you truly want me as an enemy, send me a Chia Head of Obama, or George Washington, or any other President.

I could NOT believe this when I saw the ads on tv. Who in the hell would want any such ugly item in their house? Or even in their garbage can.

I never quite understand the Chia gifts anyway. They’ve never been attractive to me, always seemed like third or fourth class chintz. I think Evelyn got one once from one of her grandchildren. Knowing Evelyn, I’m sure she managed to fuss over it like it was frankincense, or myrrh . . . but not gold.

You’ve been warned. Don’t send me no steenkin’ Chia head for Christmas! Or Frankincense.

Or myrrh.

Gold is okay.

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