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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

From The Editor’s Desk

By the time this edition of The Paper is in the hands of most of you, the decision will have been made by the Escondido City Council as to whether or not to pursue the building of a $50 million Minor League Baseball Park Stadium in that city.

We’ve made our position abundantly clear, repeatedly. We are dead set against it. A waste of taxpayer money and assets, the surrendering of taxpayer assets to a third party, proven lack of attracting new industry and commerce to minor league ballparks, way too much risk for Escondido, little risk for Mr. Moorad and his investors. Academic economic analyses shows that it is not a good investment, not the highest and best use of redevelopment money, nor money the city would have to borrow via bonds . . . and the best example of why NOT to go forward is the lack-lustre ability of the California Center for the Arts, Escondido, to put enough fannies in seats to make it profitable. And you think a minor league ballpark could generate people sitting in seats? They couldn’t in Portland; they won’t here either.

Oh, and bringing jobs to Escondido? Forget it. Part time, $10 per hour jobs for half a year, for those working concession stands and parking, will not build our median income base. That’s a joke.

But, I’ve said my piece. Now we just hope the Escondido City Council made the right decision.

It’s been a rough year economically for our nation . . .and even here locally. Let’s hope that the New Year of 2011 will be a lot brighter for all of us. Surely, we will all have a bigger and brighter future ahead. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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  1. Lyle, right on. I think your comment about "highest and best use" is the real question. The City Council has a fiduciary responsibility to "get the best deal" as well as do "the best project."

    A City would normally conduct a RFP (request for proposals,) but Lori did not want to do that. If any City decides its going to vacate a large chunk of publicly owned land AND also commit to use mega millions of public financing, and use those valuable assets for some redevelopment project, it should at the very least, "shop around."

    For some reason Lori Pfeiler (and Dick Daniels) took the City down the road with the Chargers first and now with Moorad & the Padres. (note how well Lori & Dick did on November 2nd.)

    I don't believe the City EVER talked with ANY OTHER BUSINESS, DEVELOPER, INVESTOR, etc. about their interest in doing some project on the CITY LAND WITH $50,000,000+++ OF CITY MONEY!

    There of course would be a great deal of interest from the development community for such a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY.