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Sunday, December 26, 2010

For Dog Lovers

Video of dog rescue with surprise ending:|htmlws-main-n|dl5|link5|
WFMY news 2, by Rhonda Evans, 5-25-2010
Caught On Tape: Dog Freed From Fence, Surprises Officer
Plattsburg, MO -- A dog rescue was caught on video thanks to a tiny camera in an officer's hand held radio, but this is no ordinary rescue with no ordinary ending.
Plattsburg Police posted video on their Facebook page.
Officer Nick Shepherd responded to a call of a dog tangled in a fence. After some work he was able to cut the wire fence to free the dog.

Unsure of whether the dog was injured, the officer then tried to capture it, but he lost sight of the dog.

What happened next was unbelievable. He finally finds the dog in the driver's seat of his police cruiser. The dog must have been so grateful it wanted to stay with the officer.

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