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Sunday, December 26, 2010

The date . . .

Just got back from a delicious dinner at Acapulco's.

Ms. Madison suggested earlier today that I should be giving some thought to a nice restaurant for us to dine out tonight. I was a bit puzzled and didn't give it too much thought. We just dined out last night.

Later, much later, she asked where I was taking her tonight. A lot of the restaurants were closed because of Memorial Day.

"Have you forgotten what day this is?"

Then it hit me.

Today is our anniversary. It was nine years ago today that she took this poor, bedraggled, soaking wet young man under her wing; toweled me off, gave me some dry clothes, and fed me milk and cookies.

She asked if I would tolerate her cats and I allowed as how I could, I guess. "Well," she sez, "in that case, I guess you can stay."

That was nine years ago. How time does fly when you're having fun.

We just might try for another nine years. If she can put up with me for that long.

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