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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Commentary on the proposed ball park . . .

We are now being told that the proposed Escondido ball park will host concerts, local athletic events, and such other entertaining activities that may arise. However, we are also told that the city of Escondido and its taxpayers will derive no revenue from rental of the proposed ballpark facilities during the off season.

Let’s see now: Jeff Moorad, owner of the San Diego Padres, wants Escondido taxpayers to fund most of a $50 million dollar 9,000 seat stadium for his team to use - (which will be lucky if it fills 1/4th of the available seats for ball games on a regular basis) - he’s willing to let us use 10 acres of land, that we already own, for parking, development, whatever we wish to use. (benevolent person that he is) - and, continuing his benevolence, he is going to allow us nine days a year to stage events for the city. Our city manager, Clay Phillips, says it would be a good deal because we would have a new venue for civic events and celebrations.


Kinda like the California Center for the Arts, Escondido, the White Elephant (beautiful, but is a White Elephant, not a Cash Cow). CCAE has not exactly set the world on fire with its attendance records. And, were it not for the City of Escondido subsidizing it’s utility and other bills to the tune of about $1.5 million per year, it has never been in the black. Read that again. It has been in the red every single year it has been in existence. What a great investment! The ball park will likely be another perfect example of how to waste taxpayer money.

Does Mr. Moorad and his spokesman, Steve Peace, really think our Mayor and City Council members are that dumb? That they would not only give away valuable land but pony up in excess of $50 million for the honor?

I don’t think our Mayor and Council are dumb. I think they will see through this sham for what it is and tell Mr. Moorad to take a hike. If they do approve this deal, then I submit there should be a ready market for tar and feathers and we should start taking measurements for dunce caps.
Do you get the impression that I’m dead set against this proposed ball park?

I hope so. And I hope our councilmembers are listening (or, in this case, reading).

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