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Saturday, December 18, 2010

China Surprise?

Something weird is afoot in China. They're having a Chinese-scale (which
means titanic) housing bubble boom. People are building everywhere, even
in inhospitable areas like deserts and faraway regions where no one has
ever lived before.

They've built *entire cities that are empty*.

This link will take you to satellite photos of some of their "ghost
cities". Note the lack of cars. Note the lack of smoke coming from any
chimneys. (China gets pretty cold in places.) No smoke from either
private homes, giant apartment complexes, factories, anything. At the
resolution of some of these photos you should be able to see people.
There are none. No buses, no trains, no trucks either.

In America, during our housing bubble, we built whole neighborhoods. The
Chinese have built entire CITIES. But no one lives in them.

And they're still building them. There are satellite photos of them
still under construction.

At the end of this set of eerie photographs, there's a link to more
information about China and it tells why they are doing this. They're
trying to support their housing bubble because if it pops they're going
to wind up with a wrecked economy, pretty much like ours, only when they
go it will affect the whole world.

I urge you to look at the photos and then click on the link at the
bottom of the page. China is in trouble. Not only are they trying to
prop up their economy by building more and more factories (they already
have an *excess* of manufacturing capability), they have a population
which at best merely tolerates their government. Many openly protest
against this government (there are reports of over 100 riots per DAY in
China) and China executes many more people than any other government on
earth. The exact number of executions is a state secret but it's known
to be in the thousands. They're existing on the edge of revolution every
day. The information in the link below the photos will give you some
mind-boggling information about China and the no-win situation they're in.

Kent Ballard

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