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Saturday, December 25, 2010


This site is about to do some of you a huge favor. If you live or have recently lived or worked in the state of California, that is.

Go to this page and enter your name. This is not a scam or a hoax or a trick to sell you penis enlargement creme. It is the Unclaimed Property Search for the State Controller's Office. Via circuitous means, money that is owed to you may have wound up in their coffers and they'd like to find you and send it your way. This they cannot do this unless you tell them where you are and fill out a mess of forms...which may be well worth the effort. Then agan, it may not...but you won't know until you go to that page and do a search.

Some tips: Unless you have a very common name, do not enter your city. Some of the money waiting for you may be c/o the address of your union, a past place of employment, an old residence or mail drop, a union, a lawyer, a business manager, etc., so your current address may not yield a match. Also, you might try entering variations on your name — Robert, Bob, Rob, etc. and try it with and without a middle initial.

And, most important: Enter the names of dead relatives and anyone else to whom you may be an heir. I have a deceased uncle in there who has $1700 waiting for him or whoever is legally entitled to claim it. I think it's me.

I pointed this website out once before and a lot of you got a lot of money, especially if you were a current or past member of either the Screen Actors Guild or AFTRA. Some of the amounts may be too trivial to bother with but just entering friends' names in the last twenty minutes, I found a couple of large sums due to folks who could really use the loot. So let's spread word of this around. If you don't want to bother explaining it to everyone you know, just send them a link to this item. (Right click below where it says LINK and then you should get a menu that will enable you to copy the link. It'll say either "Copy Shortcut" or "Copy Link" or something of the sort, depending on your browser. Then you can paste that link into an e-mail or two.)

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