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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Beware of AT&T

A week or so ago, evelyn and I broke down and acquired two new Droid cell phones from AT&T. We were motivated to do so by Evelyn’s son who, the previous evening, had come home and told us he had bought the phone for $0.01. One penny. That sounded good to us. We went the next day to AT&T and, sure enough, bought two phones for one penny each.

Good friend and brilliant chiropractor, Doctor Steve Heilman, he of the gentle hands and smiling face (and half-way decent jokes) told me we messed up by contracting with AT&T. He had horrible experiences with them and could not wait till his contract concluded.

It looks like the good Doctor may well be correct. See below.

I would counsel against contracting with AT&T until they get their act together, if ever. I’m also sorry now that I bought the phones. Too late for me, I guess. (Though I’m pretty good at raising hell when things go wrong. We shall see what happens).


Consumer Reports” Names AT&T the Worst Mobile Carrier
By Jolie O'Dell

According to a survey of almost 60,000 people — more than half of them
iPhone owners — AT&T was rated the worst wireless service provider in the
United States.

AT&T was the only wireless carrier to show a significant decrease in
satisfaction ratings in the survey, which was conducted by Consumer Reports.
Verizon and Sprint are neck-and-neck for many points of satisfaction, but for
contract service, U.S. Cellular was the top-rated provider.

Consumer Reports‘ survey, which encompassed all versions of Apple’s
popular smartphone series, “found that iPhone owners were much less
satisfied with their carrier and rated data service (web and e-mail) lower
than owners of smartphones on other carriers.”

The common scapegoat for AT&T-related woes is the heavy data usage of
app-happy iPhone users; however, as other smartphone platforms take over other
networks, complaints around the same issue aren’t nearly as prevalent for
those networks.

Another factor is that other networks are ahead of AT&T in offering 4G
capabilities to their customers.

This news could be especially bad for AT&T if the rumored Verizon iPhone
hits stores as anticipated in early 2011.

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