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Friday, August 20, 2010

Update from Reno . . .

Couldn't sleep so got up at 4:45 and wound up in the computer room (at $18 per hour!) and decided to do some editing on The Paper. Got most of that done so now still have some time on the computer (which I have to use; it doesn't make change or credit unused time).

1. That's about the only thing I don't like about Reno. We've stayed at a number of fine hotels, most recently the Embassy Suites in both San Diego and Sacramento. They have a 24/7 office/executive centre where you an access computers at no charge.

Had I brought my laptop, I could buy computer time at $10 a day . . . but I thought, "why bother lugging that computer, I'll just use the hotel's centre."


Aside from that, the food has been out of this world, at least three hotel/casinos link up with one another (I'm typing right now, for example, from the El Dorado Hotel, just adjacent to the Silver Legacy, where we are staying).

We took the Virginia City Tour yesterday. For about $70 it is a great bargain! Air conditioned buses, train ride, with knowledgable guides, and plenty of time to visit the various museums and stores on the main street. Fascinating pioneer history and mind boggling, the amount of gold and silver taken out of that area. Mine tunnels by the hundreds still exist below the streets of Virginia City.

I cannot stand Las Vegas, but I'd come back to Reno in a Minnesota minute. I would even recommend it for an annual West Coast Reunion of the Benson Bunnies, a collection of vagrants, miscreants and other persons of questionable morals and character, with whom I attended high school in Omaha.

Today, we do some convention work but have enough free time that we can participate in all types of scandalous behavior and probably wind up embarrassing all the residents of my home city, Escondido, CA.

Speaking of which (scandalous behavior) I just noticed a very attractive and curvaceous redhead that I think I'll go put the move on. (Oh, wait . . that's Evelyn. Haven't seen her in about a half hour and, well, when you get older, the memory plays tricks with you).

More later . . . lyle

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