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Saturday, August 28, 2010

An Open Letter to the Feds . . .

This is from John Thomas, a fellow student from Omaha Benson High School, back when we were just a few years younger.

Over the years, John has managed to learn to speak his mind. This is his most recent effort, which he proposes to email and/or regular mail to every elected or appointed official in the federal governmental system:

I wonder if they'll listen:

From: John E. Thomas
2317 Sago Drive
Bay City, Texas 77414

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

To: Alejandro N. Mayorkas

RE: Administrative Alternatives to Comprehensive Immigration Reform.


There’s that disturbing noise again. It never seems to go away. It’s always there, just barely discernable, but it actually seems to be getting louder each time I hear it. Can you hear it? Do you know what it is? No? I’ll tell you what it is. It’s the sound of anger, fear and frustration; the sound of angry people, American people. People like me. A lot of people like me. American people are raising their voices in protest. American people who are dissatisfied, disappointed, unemployed, unable to make ends meet. American people who are losing their homes, their jobs, unable to afford medication, unable to care for themselves; and there are hungry Americans. Perhaps you may have noticed that our country is in the midst of another ‘Great Depression’ although our government much prefers the politically correct term: ‘a ‘Slight Recession’ or a ‘Minor Market Adjustment’ or some other fairy tale.

I remember when I was growing up in the Midwest in the ‘40’s and ‘50’s. People were busy. The country was bustling with activity. We were proud to call ourselves ‘Americans’ and to know that we were lucky enough to live in the greatest country on earth, “the United States of America.” We were respected worldwide. We trusted our leaders and believed what they told us and felt secure in the fact that our great country was the ‘leader of the free world.’ Children could leave their homes and work all day at being children doing important ‘stuff,’ even after dark, and be perfectly safe. Their parents needn’t worry a bit about their children’s safety and they felt secure in their unlocked homes. Those were wonderful times. Magical times.

I’m a bit older now and times have changed. I would not dare to walk alone, after dark, through any neighborhood in this country today, including my own. Our doors are all triple-locked and the motion detectors are all turned on! Thousands of Americans are losing their homes every day through foreclosure! The unemployment rate is out-of-sight! Prices are skyrocketing! I would not believe a government official if he/she told me that the sun rose in the east and set in the west! Our national debt is so great and so out-of-control that our great, great grandchildren will never even be able to afford the interest payments! Our educational system is on a par with most of the less-industrialized third-world countries! Our taxes continue to rise! Our ridiculously overpaid and corrupt corporate executives continue to swindle and embezzle billions of our hard-earned American bucks! Our left-wing, liberal media, both printed and electronic, apparently made up of tree huggers, global warming ‘doomsday’ activists, and ‘save the whale’ advocates, dispense enough daily propaganda to rival our enemies in WWII. Motorcycle gangs and street gangs rule sections of many of our cities! Drugs are transforming our children into ignorant, slovenly, ineffective burdens on our economy! The ‘namby-pamby’ handling of criminals and the ‘bleeding-heart,’ ‘slap-on-the-wrist,’ judges in this country are an outrage! Our ‘country club’ prisons are disgraceful! Outrageously overpaid professional athletes give sports a bad name and negatively influence our children! Our elected officials, at the highest levels, routinely vote themselves pay raises and better benefits than the average American on the street while reducing or not adjusting to cost-of-living increases the benefits of fixed-income citizens!

I see reports of certain governmental officials complaining about how much our “overpaid” military personnel earn! I see images of illegal aliens, now proclaimed to be ‘undocumented immigrants” by our ‘Obama-speak’ government, holding illegal protest marches and desecrating and burning our American flag while police officers stand and watch, unable to interfere, but forced to ‘protect’ these criminals from harm. I see photos of Muslims, thousands of them, who daily totally shut down all traffic in certain sections of New York City so that they can prostrate themselves in the streets to worship whatever it is that they worship in between plotting to exterminate all non-Muslims! Our country, in the eyes of the rest of the world, is nothing but a ‘paper tiger’! We have no level of respect from any other country. political correctness has made eunuchs of us all! I am far more afraid of our own FBI, CIA and IRS and Secret Service than I ever was of Soviet nuclear missiles! Each time some natural disaster occurs anywhere in the world America is on the job immediately, dispensing food, water, clothing, shelter, medical assistance, etc. and that is commendable, however, while we are giving away all of these things to unfortunate but unappreciative victims of the disaster, using money that we don’t have, and having most of the items stolen or hijacked by their own (or our) unscrupulous government officials, where is the rest of the world? Watching the proceedings on the 11 o-clock news? Why are we always the good guys with the white hats but wind up always giving, ultimately for naught, but never receiving any thanks or anything in return?! I’m sick of ‘dialing 1 for English’! If ‘legal’ foreign residents of this country want to use the telephone then let them learn our language!

Now we have this little ‘surprise’ that our racially challenged president wants to spring on us in October, (which is barely understandable to the layman due to the liberal use of ‘legalese’ and ‘Obama-speak’ mumbo-jumbo) whereby, for the sake of ‘family unity’, we automatically ordain that all of the ‘illegal aliens’ in this country are immediately transformed into bona fide U.S. citizens just in time to vote!

Look! I’m not the smartest individual in the world by any stretch of the imagination but I think I’ve lived long enough to know when I’m being screwed! Let’s call a spade a spade, here! I’m ashamed and embarrassed for America! We allow these ‘illegal aliens’ to enter our country, unmolested, by sneaking across the border at night! We give them food, clothing, a home, free medical care, a free education for their children, no taxes and this all comes from my tax dollars! Yes, and yours too, unless, of course, you have a high-powered tax accountant/attorney on your staff to handle little annoyances like that! I have always been an American citizen. I was born in this country, I worked my butt off my whole life to support my family, but yet I can’t match the benefits that our government lavishes on these criminals who invade our country! We have an ineffectual, inadequate and incomplete fence on our southern border that is about as much good as a sign telling these criminals “please do not cross the border or we’ll be forced to immediately make you a U.S. citizen and support you and your entire family for the rest of your lives or until we run out of money, whichever happens first!” All we do is to heap more money on them which is immediately sent back to Mexico, or whatever their home country is, to pay for bringing more ‘illegal aliens’ to our country. I love this country and that’s why I refuse to allow it to go down the tube.

So, I just thought that I’d give you a little ‘heads up’ here. You might want to check again just to make sure you know where the nearest government emergency shelter is because “the feces is about to hit the ‘oscillating air mover’. The people in this country are way past ‘angry’ or ‘mad’. They are past ‘effin’ pissed off,’ too. The ground swell of Americans who think some of the same thoughts that I’ve set down here, plus many more that I haven’t, have had enough! We want our United States of America back. You should be ashamed of what you have done to our country and if it takes another revolution to open your eyes to the damage that you and your kind have done then “let the games begin!”

Wake up and smell the cordite!

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