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Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Lesson in How to Live Life Right . . .

Joe Tess and his carp sandwiches are legendary in Omaha, Nebraska, where I grew up.

I can remember my best friend, the late Carl Reynolds, and I going to Joe Tess's and, I think we paid $3.50, maybe $4 for a great big plate of carp sandwiches and an ice cold schooner of beer.

That was livin'!

We can't get Joe Tess's carp sandwiches out here on the Left Coast . . . but here's a little peek at what they are like, how they are made . . . and how they are eaten.

The commentator is not my favorite guy. I'm not fond of egotistical guys who dye their hair platinum blond (or purple) . . . but the story is an interesting one.

Brought the memories back and made my mouth water:

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