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Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Indian

This traveling salesman was on a bus way out west when it stopped at a trading post for a pit stop. Everyone got off, to stretch their legs except the salesman. The bus driver said to him; "See that old Indian sitting on the porch? Well he has a remarkable memory."

The salesman, didn't think much of that but went over and chatted with him anyway. Finally, just to test the Indian's memory he asked him, "What did you have for breakfast ten years ago, today. The old Indian said "Eggs."

Just then the driver yelled, "All aboard!" so the salesman got on the bus, went away and forgot the whole thing. Anyone could say he had eggs for breakfast. What's so remarkable about that?

Fifteen years later the same salesman got off the bus at the same trading post, and seeing the old Indian on the porch, went over and thinking to greet him "like an Indian," said "HOW" and the old Indian said "SCRAMBLED."

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