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Thursday, May 19, 2011

A UFO Prank . . coming soon

You've probably heard of the Internet group "Anonymous." If you haven't, they're a bunch of computer whiz-kids and hackers who go about various forms of mischief, including attacking websites and taking them over to add silly things to them or belittle the (usually deserving) owners.

They take the position that they're representing the "little man" and are a force to expose corporate treachery or just sheer bullshit wherever they see it. For example, KISS bassist Gene Simmons once wrote on his blog that people who download music illegally should all be sued into poverty and thrown into prison with violent homosexuals. (Yeah, like Simmons needs another million bucks to light cigars with...) Anonymous hacked his site and brought it down for a short period of time. Simmons kinda softened his outlook after that.

They've exposed various corporations that engage in rotten business practices, somewhat like Wikileaks, but they always have a more playful and fun attitude about it. When Sony's Playstation website went down due to a major hack, Anonymous released a statement saying, "For once, it wasn't us." Sony continued to blame them, so Anonymous actually did attack them.

Besides stunts that were simply silly or outrageous, Anonymous has released Bank of America documents showing all sorts of corrupt and criminal activities by them, attacked and bought down Internet censorship sites for the government of Australia (and sites everywhere that advocate Internet censorship), and gave mass-hacker support to the activists in Iran. And Anonymous has had a long-running (and often hilarious) battle with the Church of Scientology.

Some think of them as malicious and dangerous thugs. Others see them as heroes. Nobody knows how many there are around the world, but they all apparently share the same black sense of humor. If you want more info on them, there's a ton on Wikipedia. (If you go there, look up Anonymous' "Operation Titstorm.")

Anyway, the latest announced prank they're going to pull is coming next Sunday, starting around 8:00 PM. For this one, they've invited pranksters who are not members of Anonymous to join in. At that time, Anonymous is going to flood UFO reporting sites around the world with phony reports of triangular UFOs flying all over the world and landing everywhere. They encourage people to call local TV news stations and give dramatic (and totally false) descriptions of UFOs, and to fake UFO films and flood YouTube with them. They also suggest going out and making a few "crop circle" landing zones in conspicuous areas.

Why? Just for the hell of it.

So, if Monday morning your local radio or television news or newspaper headlines lead with a story about a massive UFO "invasion," now you will know what's behind it. Anonymous rarely announces mass attacks for obvious reasons. The more people who are in on it, the more people will know about it and ready themselves for it. If I worked for CBS News, for example, I'd be warning my bosses that this was coming so they wouldn't get caught with their pants down and give half-hysterical reports on the CBS Morning show about an "invasion."

But some news organizations WILL be sucked in, and it will be interesting to see the results.

You can read more about this "prank" at

We can't stop it, so we might as well sit back and see what the results are. But now YOU know what's behind it.

(From good friend, Kent Ballard).

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