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Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Queen of England

The Queen of England is a cool lady.

During WW II she volunteered to join the British equivalent of the WACS.
She signed up and put on the uniform and did her duty. Someone sent her
a message from Buckingham Palace, and they didn't want to use a phone
because Germans listening in might have realize then-Princess Elizabeth
was working on an British Army base somewhere in England and they could
have bombed it in an attempt to kill her.

So they sent a courier.

The guy arrives at the British Army base and was told that Princess
Elizabeth was down at the motor pool. He was escorted to the pool and
looked around everywhere. He couldn't find her, but he did find her
sergeant. "Could you take me to Princess Elizabeth please?" The sergeant
said to follow him...

They walked over to a Jeep that was up on jack stands, a large puddle of
oil leaking out from under it. The sergeant cleared his throat and said,
"Your Majesty, you have a caller."

A young girl--I think she was only 16 or 17 at the time--scooted out
from beneath the Jeep on her butt. When she stood up, it took the
courier a moment or two to recognize her. She was wearing filthy,
oil-soaked coveralls, her hair that was not tucked up under her service
cap was greasy, and her face was spattered with motor oil. But she
recognized the courier and nodded to him in a Royal fashion and
immediately became part of the Royal family again, standing there with a
wrench in her hand looking like a teenage garage mechanic more than a
princess. She took the message, dictated a reply, then saluted her
sergeant and crawled back under the Jeep to finish the job.

Flash forward to the 1970's--

While on a visit to Canada, while Pierre Trudeau was Prime Minister, he
had a genuinely foxy wife. Can't recall her name just now, but she was a
looker. She chose a pencil dress that was modest but showed off her
figure to greet the Queen when she arrived. There was a large crowd and
about 40 TV cameras on them. Trudeau's wife curtsied in the tight dress
while shaking Queen Elizabeth's hand. To her utter horror, she realized
that she could not straighten her legs in the confining dress and was
trapped in a half-crouch, unable to stand again.

I read her account of it years later. She had no idea what to do and was
literally hanging on to the Queen to keep from falling over. She said
Queen Elizabeth saw the panic in her eyes and realized her predicament.
Without batting an eye, without the slightest trace of a change on her
face, the Queen gripped the hell out of the younger woman's hand and
simply LIFTED her up into a standing position. The woman said it was if
a strong man had taken her hand and helped her up. They play-acted like
nothing happened and went on with the ceremony, but even years later
Trudeau's wife said she was amazed at the strength in that little old lady.


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