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Friday, May 7, 2010

OK . . . I say up front that I liked Lawrence Welk, the man. He really was a very nice, humble, caring man.

We have a time share at his Escondido Resort; we dine there from time to time, and we attend the Welk Theatre for their various presentations.

All that having been said, I most assuredly do NOT like whoever dressed the set or the actors/singers/dancers.

A singer dressed to sing a country song would have the most god-awful cowboy getup you could imagine. He just looked like a dork. He was maybe a pretty good singer . . . but he looked so much like a dork that I would switch to another channel (if I watched the show at all, which I seldom did).

Now . . . take these two dancers. Clearly, they are skilled dancers. The choreography is very nice. But their costumes? C'mon! Whoever dressed like that if they want to dance "funky?"

Ima gonna prove my pointa . . . a-one ana two and click ona the linka. It'll be wunnerful, wunnerful:

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