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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hooray for the Russians!


Perhaps we should contract with them to protect American shipping interests. They take care of business promptly and a clear message is sent to all other pirates.

Good for them!

I am sure, from now on no Russian vessel will be assaulted. In other words, don't screw with the Russians! And forget reading them their Miranda rights as we do here. The Russian's mete their own form of justice to these pirates, in terms they will understand.

This is part of the videotape showing the Russian Navy commandos on the Somalian pirate ship. You may remember that the pirates captured a Russian oil tanker. The EroUnion navy that patrols these waters could not interfere because there could be casualties.

All explanations are in Russian and, with a single exception when a wounded pirate tells something in English, all conversations are between the commandos - in Russian. Sorry if you don't understand Russian but the pictures speak for themselves.

The soldiers freed their compatriots, moved all the pirates to their own (pirate) ship, searched the pirate ship for weapons and explosives, and took seven Somalian pirates. Then they left the ship and exploded it with all remaining pirates on it.

The person who placed this part of the tape on YouTube claims that the tape is much longer and he may download all of it but no one believes that this file will remain on YouTube for long. After all, the commandos sunk the majority of the pirates without any court proceedings, lawyers etc. That is, they used the anti-piracy laws of the 18th and the 19th centuries: Thecaptain of the rescuing ship has the right to decide what to do with the pirates. Usually, they were hanged.

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