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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Ever been to a psychic?
Evelyn's youngest son, Marty, went to one a month or so ago and was amazed.
"Mom," he said, "there's no way he could have known all those things about me. We'd never met, all he knew was my first name. He knew about the necklace dad had given me (which Marty wears around his neck - a gift from Evelyn's late husband, Gene), he knew about Sheba (a dog Marty had owned, and she was right there beside him. Sheba had been a very special dog to Marty). He knew everything!"
So, Miss Evelyn decidcs that will be one of my Christmas presents. A reading by this psychic.
I don't fully understand what he does, or purports to do but I'm open to meeting with him.
I think there are lots of things out there that we don't understand . . . but there also a lot of frauds out there. The trick comes in differentiating between the two.
I've read a great deal of Edgar Cayce (Cayce never wrote a book; others wrote about him. A secretary kept notes of his readings). I've mentioned here before that Evelyn and I seem to have mental telepathy between us. We often know what the other one is going to say or do before it is said or done. (So far, she hasn't found out about the two redheads, the two blondes, the brunette, or this really cute goat). We've talked about visiting the Edgar Cayce Institute in Virginia Beach and having ourselves tested to see if (a) we do have mental telepathic powers, and (b) if so, how we can develop them further.
I booked my appointment for this coming Thursday at 10am; not to be outdone, Evelyn booked hers for 11am. They are one hour sessions, $80 a session.
I plan on writing down a lot of questions to ask. Not sure if he claims to be able to communicate with those who have gone on to the Great Perhaps but if he does, I'll want to communicate with my grandma Tollefson. She's been dead a good 50 years and I still think of her every month. I never loved a woman as much as I loved that dear woman. I'd like her to know how much I care about her. Also would like to communicate with my dad . . . who passed at almost 92 a couple of years ago, and my mom, who passed about four or five years ago at 88. Dad and I were very, very tight; mom and I fought like cats and dogs . . . but I'd still like to let her know I care . . . and she is remembered. She did some good things for me, not the least of which is leaving me with a very nice annuity.
Time to begin compiling a list. Each of us goes in alone . . .the other can wait in an antechamber or front porch. That way there are no cross thoughts where the psychic might pick up the wrong signals from the wrong person.
Depending upon how these sessions turn out, I might just wind up doing a story on it. Not just this psychic but the psychic world in general. Like I said, there are lots of things out there that we don't understand. I'm just enough of a skeptic, being an editor and publisher, that I am something of a doubting Thomas . . . yet what I've read thus far persuades me that I don't know all the answers.
Do you have any experiences along these lines?
I'll keep you posted.
The Truth Fairy . . . lyle

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  1. This is one of the proof why Psychics exists.And also the proof that some of them are genuine.