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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Our Psychic "Reading"

First time I've ever had it done.
We went to our psychic reading today, me at 10am, Evelyn at 11am. It was her Christmas present to me, and a present to herself as well.
While I tend to be something of a skeptic I found myself looking forward to this adventure. It was something I had never done before, but wondered about. I have read a great deal about Edgar Cayce and I suspect there are lots of things "out there" that we don't yet either understand or know about. I'm also aware, however, there are also a lot of charlatans about, eager to take your money on a regular basis.
I recall a local liquor store owner, a Yugoslavian immigrant, who lost about $50,000 or more to a fortune teller. I knew him fairly well and knew him to be a fairly sharp businessman. It surprised me that such a sharp guy could be taken in by a fortune teller. He has now passed on to the Great Perhaps, so maybe he's confirming all the things he was told by his fortune teller . . . or finding it was all a bunch of hooey.
So, I had my guard up . . . but also my pursuit of a possible interesting story, as well as the curiousity aroused by my readings of Cayce, all pushed me forward.
Our psychic is a British gent who lives in Harmony Grove, a spiritualist retreat just outside of Escondido, Ca., where we live. I've known about Harmony Grove for quite some time . . . but have never visited there or looking into their spiritualist activities.
He has a pleasant, unpretentious little home within the compound. A private, comfortable decorated little antechamber where you are seated in a comfortable cushioned chair, facing him. There are many artificats within the room, mostly of Asian origin, several Buddha statues. No music, no incense, no tinkling of bells, Just a nice, quiet, relaxing room.
He provides a tape recording of the session. Advises you that he may ask you a question from time to time and he desires only a yes or no answer.
He advises you that you will be subjected to a standard required (by him) opening commentary (from him) that deals with the adventure about which we are to embark upon, the philosophy behind it and a bit about the working of the spirit, and the spirit world, as he sees it. He also tells you to not take it personally but he will close his eyes during the entire reading.
He then closes his eyes, concentrates for a few moments and then begins his commentary. I noticed his voice pattern changed and he was much more British in his voice inflection than when we first met him. We could recognize his British accent upon meeting, but now it was more formal, more precise, more pronounced.
His opening narration must have consumed a good 20-30 minutes of the hearing. He then began to address me, my past, my present, and my future.
He would ask questions and I would respond.
He pretty much hit the mark on a number of areas, missed completely on several.
He established rather quickly that my dad's spirit was in the room (he died about two years ago) and that we were quite close, that dad was very proud of me, that I had accomplished so much more in life than had dad, and that dad felt badly that he had not shown and expressed more emotion and affection in his earthly life. He did care a great deal about me but found difficulty expressing that affection. (Dad was a farm kid from the old order. It wasn't manly to show affection, or to cry. I think he only told me once, maybe twice, that he loved me. He didn't really need to. I always knew. We were tight. Very tight).
He picked up on mom and I not getting along that well (we fought like cats and dogs), that I had inherited a lot from my mother (I'm stubborn as hell and have a sometimes bad temper . . . and I do not forget slights easily). My mom was in the room and she was telling, through him, that she recognized she had been difficult and had done a lot of things wrong and asked forgiveness and forgave me for any pain I might have caused her.
He then went into my health. He picked up on my diabetes right away, recognizing I had sugar problems (blood sugar). He picked up on me eating food that wasn't good for me, that I needed to get with a nutritionist, that I didn't have great will power, that he saw me living into my mid 90's, provided I get my eating/exercise habits back to the point that I was once again in shape.
He asked about kidney stones (I had one about three or four years ago) and said he was concerned I had too much calcium in my system, much of which was caused by medication that I'm on, that I should re-examine my medication; also, that I may have a re-occurence of this or similar problems. In fact, I'm currently awaiting an ultrasound exam to determine if I have a bad gall bladder (stones) which may have to be removed surgically. For almost three weeks I've had moderate, constant pain around my right-side upper chest and back, radiating from back to front and back again. MD thinks it's gall bladder, awaiting tests to confirm. The psychic had no way of knowing this.
He also recommended I explore accupuncture or accupressure and preferably with an Asian trained in the art(s). (I am open to this).
He recognized that Evelyn and I had been together for eight years (true . . . a bit closer to nine, now), that we had bonded well and that it was a good, healthy match. He later confirmed, during Evelyn's reading, that we had a good, solid match, that I was a stubborn old coot, and that we had each known one another in a prior life (also consistent with Edgar Cayce's readings).
He said he saw that I was an "old soul," that I had been here before in another life, that I had come back as a matter of karma to complete an assignment/mission that I had in a prior life (I have often and long felt this, sometimes reflecting back on a prior lifetime, sometimes having extremely strong feelings of 'deja vu,' that I had been here before in a similar circumstance. He also saw a powder blue aura surrounding me, from head to toe, which signified that I am a healer, that my hands, in particular, had great healing powers (I have never sensed this).
He said my current career was a vehicle through which I could help accomplish my goals and mission in life, and that part of my mission was to educate and spread information to people. (He did not know I edited and published a newspaper).
He missed on a couple of areas. He asked about a black labrador in my life (there is/was none that I can recall) or a German Shepherd (same . . isn't/wasn't such an animal) . . .did I know a William, or Bill, that had passed. I don't. Or a George. I don't. Not that has passed, anyway.
And the hour was over. Evelyn then went in for her reading and I ran a few errands and read while waiting for her. Not sure if she wants to share her experiences or not. That's up to her.
I may study this issue a bit more, perhaps wind up doing a story on it. Just not sure yet. This world is a difficult one in which to get accurate, reliable information. One does not know who is legitimate and who is a wandering gypsy with tales to tale and dreams to sell.
I'll take a few days to think and research, and then decide.
Will keep you posted.

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