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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday's Memo

It's a sunny but cool Saturday here in San Diego County. Lots of clouds in the sky with a threat of rain later today and possibly tomorrow as well. No matter. Even with this bitterly cold temperature of 56 degrees being blown about by 10mph winds, I managed to survive a nice long walk with Trixie while clad only in my tennis shorts, sandals, sports shirt and windbreaker.

Trixie became fascinated with our gophers the other evening. She caught one, threw it in the air about 3', but then Evelyn made sure the gopher got away be reining Trixie in. The hunting lust has gotten to her now, however. She loves to go out, stick her snout down into the gopher hole and just remain motionless . . . if I let her, she'd do that for a quarter to half hour. I don't let her. I have more things to do than stand there like Crumby's mule, watching a dog looking down a gopher hole.

But, we got a bit of exercise in as I took her up around the cul de sac and back. She loves the outdoors and pesters either Evelyn or me to take her walkies way more often than she needs to. I don't mind if she needs a potty break . . . but am frustrated when she takes me away from my work to just go out and smell the roses. Do you suppose there's a lesson there she's trying to teach me?

Finally went out and harvested a bunch of oranges from one of our trees. Filled a shopping bag full and am now eating at least one, usually two, per day. Nothing tastes quite so good as a fresh orange, picked from your own tree.

We have a neighbor up by the cul de sac that has a grapefruit tree. I'm gonna stop and ask if she'd mind if I picked a couple. I'm not supposed to have grapefruit as it neutralizes one of the medications I take for cholesterol. But, I like to live dangerously so, occasionally, I sin. I've already stolen several grapefruit from her tree but thought I'd better ask permission. Ain't as much fun as stealing them, but will probably get a whole lot more.

Had a dear friend just die last week of breast cancer. Vivian Doering was a writer for the old Escondido Times Advocate and the San Diego Union-Tribune - she was also an attorney who focused on Elder Law and took a lot of cases 'pro bono,' (as in "free of charge"). She was probably one of our biggest boosters and would go around town handing out copies of The Paper, insisting the recipient be sure to read this paper, it's the greatest! She lost her husband, Joe, in December of last year. That wasn't bad news enough . . . she then learned she had breast cancer. She took chemo, didn't have the desired results, flew to Houston to a renown cancer clinic; no luck. She passed last Wednesday, with her family at her bedside.

Vivian was known for her 'colorful' dress. She always had a red hat, or, if not red, some type of hat that would put Aretha Franklin to shame. She wore different color hose, often matching her colorful shoes, and was always dressed to the nines. You had a hard time missing Vivian in a crowd. She stood out. She was a good pal of The Paper and she will be missed.

Things are kinda quiet this weekend. No big plans, just work on the paper, get caught up on correspondence, perhaps take a nap or two. Earlier today I did something I haven't done for ages. I read for pleasure. I normally don't have time nor patience to do that. I read so much as part of the job that leisure reading isn't normally in the cards. It helps that the book I'm reading has large type. These ancient eyes can't handle the small type so easily.

Nothing earth shattering happening here . . . just a lazy Saturday. Trust your weekend is equally relaxing.



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