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Monday, April 25, 2011

A Police Beating

This is video of a Las Vegas cop beating a man who was videotaping a scene, allegedly from his own property.

I don't like what I see.

There was no apparent provocation on the part of the guy who was videotaping the scene; the officer appears to have used unreasonable force and does not appear to have the legal right to demand the man stop filming. He does not have to be a journalist to film anything unless and until it interferes with an investigation in progress. Even then, the right of the cops to ban filming is questionable on constitutional grounds . . . particularly if it is a journalist who is working. Cops have their jobs, journalists have theirs.

I know we have law enforcement folks within this email list.

What's your take? Is this defensible from a police perspective?

Here's a more thorough review of the background on the case from the Las Vegas Review Journal:

I had a high school classmate, Willie Glasson, who died by electrocution when he was standing in a puddle of water while working on a plumbing job and some wires fell into the water. Willie had a younger brother, Fred Glasson, whom we kinda took under our wing for the rest of high school, following his brother's death. I think Fred was a Freshman or Sophomore when all this happened. Fred's mom would call our house if Fred wouldn't get out of bed to go to school . . . we were kind of her "extended family." We felt sorry for the family having lost Willie and tried to help out.

I noticed that Fred had a mean streak in him even while in high school. Verbal abuse of his girl friends, etc., The kind of kid who would pull the wings off of honey bees, and have a smile while doing it.

Of all things, Fred became an Omaha cop.

Fred became what is known as a 'rogue cop.' He was a mean sonofabitch and took great comfort in beating the hell out of anyone he could "under the color of authority." He also became a drunk. Just what this world needs, a mean rogue cop with a drinking problem.

One night, Fred, who lived alone in his apartment, except for his dog, went into a drunken stupor and flat out died. His body was not discovered for a week or more.
With no food in the house, the dog had begun to eat parts of Fred's body.

I always thought that was fitting and poetic justice for that mean bastard. I'm sorry I ever knew him or had anything to do with him. I also regret any kindness I or my mom and dad ever showed him. He didn't deserve it.

I didn't have a whole lot of respect for the Omaha Police Department. Complaint after complaint was filed about Fred and his beating of prisoners or suspects . . . and they did nothing. Absolutely nothing.

I'm wondering about this Las Vegas cop . . .if he might be another Fred Glasson.

In time, perhaps we shall see. The emphasis is on the word, "perhaps."

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